How does Social Inc. work?

Social Inc. is an evolving concept, ensuring everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated. Take some time to plan your schools engagement in Social Inc. by using the model and resources below and your community will begin a journey of Understanding, Acceptance, Belonging & Giving Back.

Developing a foundation for inclusion

  • Annual Inclusion Survey - use our survey template to monitor how students and staff experience inclusion in your school environment.
  • Social Inc. Kit - posters, templates, adverts to make your life easier.
  • Awareness Modules - will help to build understanding about disabilities and a culture of social inclusion.
  • ‘Say Hi’ Campaign – raise awareness of how easy it is to include others.

Creating a culture of inclusion

  • Inclusion Council – create a leadership group of students, staff, parents and community volunteer who want to lead inclusion in your school.
  • Social Inc. Group Activities – a group of young people who care and want to do more, meet regularly and help to organise activities each term.



Form a Social Inc. Group

As you begin to generate awareness in your community with the survey and awareness modules, you will begin to identify students (& teachers) that want to ensure that their school is a place where everyone is included.

Form a group; find a regular weekly or fortnightly meeting day and time (lunchtime or recess); plan some fun activities, maybe some food and invite other students to join the group. See our Social Inc. Kit for some handy resources. Some students may be very motivated and passionate – engage them as leaders and invite them to join an Inclusion Council.

Volunteers & Groups

Many Social Inc. schools engage a local community volunteer to support regular Social Inc. Group meetings. There can be lots of benefits to recruiting a volunteer...

‘I love having a volunteer come to school to support us with Social  keeps me on track, makes sure that it happens.’ (Teacher)

‘The volunteer brings a different perspective to the group, the students learn from her.’ (Teacher)

The volunteering opportunity provides a chance for students that have been engaged in the program as participants and recently left school – with or without disabilities – to continue to connect with an environment that they value and feel safe in and gain valuable volunteer work experience. They can give back.

See our Social Inc. Kit for an advert you could use to attract volunteers.

See FAQs sheet for tips on recruiting a volunteer.

See Sharing Positives for Social Inc. Group Activities nominated as tried and tested winners by high schools in 2016.